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April 2017

Mole ploughing resumes with spurs to Beckside House, High Bank House and Low Waterside completed. Spurs to the North side of Barbon and Abba/Abbey farms in Middleton being progressed. Connections to Barbon Manor and Lodge installed. Two more road crossings done.


March 2017

House connections done at another 8 properties (6 in Barbon and 2 in Middleton). Ducting completed to Middleton Head chamber. Four road crossings done in Barbon.


February 2017

House connections done at another 16 properties (8 in Barbon and 8 in Middleton). Seventeen properties now taking service including the first 4 in Middleton.

January 2017

Fibre blown to another 8 Barbon properties. Construction of spurs West of village hall in progress. Fibre blown to first 8 properties in Middleton.


December 2016

Fibre blown along the old railway line through Middleton from BB302 (Barwick Hall) to BB306 (Ellers/Tossbeck).


November 2016

Spur to Mill House mole ploughed from railway line. First 15 properties in Barbon connected and 8 live. Mole ploughing spurs to Barbon Manor, Eskholme and Yewtree all done. Work on Route 2, West from Cabinet, to service the Western side of Barbon started. Duct laid across Mill House lane and the A683 bridge to complete the core route as far as the old station yard.


October 2016

Installation of 16mm trunk ducting from Barbon cabinet to Townend (for Casterton) and St Bartholomew's Church (for Dent & Middleton) completed. Duct installed from Church corner to Oak Tree Farm to complete Middleton link. Installation of 16mm trunk ducting Northwards from Middleton Hall to Holme Farm continues.


September 2016

Installation of 16mm trunk ducting from Barbon cabinet to Townend (for Casterton) and St Bartholomew's Church (for Dent & Middleton) in progress. Installation of 16mm trunk ducting Northwards from Middleton Hall to Holme Farm in progress. Spurs installed at Station House, BDS Fuels, Avanti Gas and Charlesworths.


August 2016

Installation of 16mm trunk ducting from Townend to Casterton at Greenber Lane (2 km) has been completed and linked to the Casterton network. Chambers installed adjacent to cabinet in Barbon, at Mire Hole Cottage and Whelprigg Lodge.


June-July 2016

Main cabinet installed in Barbon.


Accessing old gas pipe along the railway line in Middleton and beginning to instal the 16mm duct to form the trunk route North from Barbon. 5.4 km of duct installed from Middleton Hall to Barbon Manor/Oak Tree Farm. Chambers installed at Barbon Manor/Oak Tree Farm, Barwick Hall, Ellers, High Green, Middleton Hall, Milbeck, Plumtree, Sowermire and Ullathorns. First spur installed at Tossbeck.


April-May 2016


Establishing Project Team, route planning, negotiating wayleaves, initial surveying. Public meeting in Barbon.


The Project Website


This is where the Project Team aims to keep you informed generally about the progress of B4RN For Barbon and Middleton. This site is evolving, so don't expect too much!


We'll post news snippets here, give you information about any up-and-coming events, alert you to anything which might require action on your part if you've signed up for connection to the B4RN service and request help when we need it.

Yorkshire Dales National Park supports B4RN for Barbon & Middleton


Your B4RN Barbon + Middleton community project is going places in 2017.... To YOUR place for a start - one week or month soon!


You will have seen much activity, digging, orange tubes and B4RN volunteers in recent months. NOW its time for YOU to get ready.


If the B4RN orange duct (tube) is now at your property boundary, now is the right time to get yourselves ready. BT is increasing its broadband and calls prices from April 2nd (Sky and others are likely to follow soon after).


It has never been a better time to move your broadband needs onto B4RN fibre FTTP, get far better speed (1,000 Mbps max) and save money (£30 pm).



Progress News

(Newest First)


Another 7 Barbon & Middleton properties connected.


Fibre blown as far North as Middleton Head.


Forty Barbon & Middleton properties connected with twenty-six live taking service.


Next Steps

Installation of spurs to Abba and Grimeshill Lodge in Middleton. Blowing fibre to more houses. Boxtree spur to build.



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