Boundary to Building Installation


If you cannot, or don't have the time to do your own boundary to building connection, these local contractors can do it for you, for a small charge (depends on distance and time involved - you agree on and contract with them). See details below:




Q1 How soon could this happen?

If the community really got on with organization, wayleaves and digging then the whole of Barbon & Middleton could be connected in a few months as far as B4RN is concerned

Q2 What percentage take-up do you need for this to be viable?

Doesn’t really matter. Confident from the other villages that we will reach enough. The average of the other villages is about 65% and in some places 100%.

Q3 (the cost per house to build the system in Barbon is £690) Does the number that sign up affect this £690 figure?

That figure is the ‘worst case’, it actually reduces as the percentage of take-up increases

Q4 What size is the ducting?

Small. Even the trunk main is garden hosepipe size. The one across your garden is 7mm diameter.

Q5 How many parishes have B4RN got

Losing count – 30 or so, with about 18 more under construction

Q6 How do you fit in with BT?

We are entirely separate, it is just a different company providing broadband.

Q7 Where does the fibre connect back to?

Telecity in Manchester, (nothing at all to do with BT)

Q8 What happens to your shares if you die?

You can pre-nominate them to someone (this actually avoids death-duties) or in the normal way they are an asset which is paid out in cash or shares as you wish

Q9 How does the route get mapped?

It does get put on a detailed map, but farmers who dig it in will be pretty sure where it goes.

Q10 Who assesses the quality of the work?

Ultimately B4RN, but farmers are pretty good at this type of work.

Q11 Are trenching and mole-ploughing paid at the same rate?


Q12 What is the fault-procedure if someone digs through the trunk main for example?

– this has only happened twice (a score draw, United Utilities 1 NW Electricity 1) B4RN has a 4 hour mending rule – which is met. A house call-out is next working day or better- which is met.

Q13 What about power cuts?

Back-up batteries in all the Cabinets, which alarms back to base, so a small generator can be brought out to take over. During the floods in December they kept everything going

Q14 What about vandalism?

Well there is really only the cabinet to worry about. It is sensibly located in the first place, and this box is the greatest thing that ever happened to a teenager so it gets protected rather than vandalised.

Q15 What if your broadband goes down?

This can be monitored via the router back to B4RN, it usually turns out to be a home networking problem. Working on having a local volunteer who pops round and sorts you out.

Q16 Can you use it with a mobile phone?

There is a device called a femtocell which turns your router into a tiny mast so that your mobile phone phone works round your house.

B4RN are piloting a disability neck alarm thingy which works over your wifi. As B4RN are created as a community aiding organisation, the idea would be that it would be free

Q17 What it you have already got a 1 year contract with someone else?

If you think you want the service eventually, we build the connection now. When you want the service to start, we switch it on and you start paying from that day

Q18 Can you route it above ground across your garden?

If really necessary, but the orange pipe degrades in sunlight, so you get a black one.

Q19 What if you cut through your own pipe in your garden?

We mend it

Q20 What if you cut through it again?

We go tut and mend it

Q21 When can you start?

Ready when you are




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