What do we hope to achieve and why?


To help get the amazing 1000MB/1GB B4RN Broadband service into Barbon & Middleton and remove our dependence on BT services.


What are we?


We are a team of volunteers from within the parish that has pulled together a working group to help get the amazing 1000MB/1GB B4RN Broadband service into Barbon & Middleton.


Our objective is to help the community implement the technology that will ensure we no longer are one of the technologically disadvantaged rural communities when it comes to broadband, but one that is leading the way.


Working together we aim to answer the why, when, where and other questions that are often asked, along with how much connection to the network will cost and how can we help others to achieve this.


What makes us different?


For us the aim is not profit margin, fame or renown, but to work as a community to benefit the community for the benefit of current and future generations of Barbon & Middleton.


Further, those with investment interests also have opportunities to undertake personal investment in B4RN while helping the community at the same time: any investments are between you and B4RN and not this group.


Simply using resources from within the community to get the job done without costing more than the community can afford.



Further and more detailed information on B4RN is available from here www.b4rn.org.uk



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